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Trail Run & Walk

Fit on holiday

Experience the fascination of the trail run & walk in the Zillertal: summer activity for body and mind

Nordic walking is much more than a simple full-body workout. It is a form of exercise that not only improves physical fitness and endurance, but also strengthens the entire body - from the leg muscles to the upper body. But more than that, Nordic walking is one thing above all: pure joy and an enrichment for your active lifestyle!

Discover the variety of trail run & walk in Zillertal

In the picturesque Zillertal, no fewer than 18 different routes await you, which are specially designed for runners and Nordic walkers. Here, sporting activity, the uniqueness of nature and a breathtaking mountain backdrop merge into an unrivalled experience that awakens the desire to exercise.

Well signposted routes in various levels of difficulty

The running and walking routes are carefully signposted and offer the right challenge for everyone. The routes are categorised into three different levels of difficulty, so that both beginners and experienced athletes get their money's worth. The clear signposting allows everyone to choose the perfect route for their personal fitness level.

Summer activity for body and mind

Immerse yourself in the world of trail run & walk in the Zillertal, where you can not only boost your physical fitness but also recharge your batteries. Enjoy the fresh mountain air, feel the strength of your muscles and experience the revitalising effect of this unique summer activity. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure where fun comes first and exercise becomes an integral part of your life!