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Take off over the most beautiful mountains in the world

Soar above the peaks: Paragliding in the Zillertal

Experience the majestic peaks of the Zillertal Alps from a whole new perspective - high up in the air on a breathtaking paragliding flight. This fascinating adventure not only attracts experienced professionals, but also allows beginners to realise their dream of flying. During tandem paragliding, certified paraglider pilots take even amateurs on an unforgettable journey into the air.

All you need for this extraordinary experience is hiking clothing, sturdy shoes and the pure desire to take off and explore the Zillertal Alps from a bird's eye view. The necessary equipment is provided on site by competent pilots so that nothing stands in the way of your flying adventure in the Zillertal!

The summer sky adventure in the Zillertal

Glide through the air, feel the wind in your hair and enjoy the spectacular views of the world's most beautiful mountain peaks. Our tandem paragliding allows you to experience the freedom of flying while being guided safely through the air by experienced pilots. Whether you are already an experienced paraglider or taking off for the first time, the Zillertal offers the perfect backdrop for a summer sky adventure.

Requirements and equipment

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced paraglider, with the right hiking clothing and sturdy shoes you will be perfectly equipped. The necessary paragliding equipment is provided by our professional pilots on site so that you can concentrate fully on the flying experience.

Experience the thrill of paragliding in the Zillertal and be enchanted by the weightlessness above the majestic peaks. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure in the summer skies!