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For that special kick

Pure summer adventure in the Zillertal: rafting, tubing and canyoning

Rafting in the Zillertal: a nature experience full of action and team spirit

Experience the exciting sport of rafting, which offers a perfect blend of nature experience, sporting activity and team spirit. Explore the unique natural landscape of the Zillertal from the river in a rubber dinghy. Let yourself be carried along by the current and feel the thrill as the team masters the challenges of the white water together.

Tubing: the trendy action sport for adrenaline junkies

Immerse yourself in the world of tubing, the trendy action sport of today! It's not just adrenaline-seekers who get their money's worth here. Under the guidance of experienced guides, equipped with white water equipment and a tube (tyre), you plunge into the waters of a torrent. An unforgettable nature experience awaits you on this action-packed adventure. Tubing in the Zillertal - the perfect combination of fun and thrills.

Canyoning: adrenaline, fun and crystal-clear water

Canyoning, the popular canyoning activity, promises pure fun and action. Whether young or old, families or groups - everyone will find the right activity here. Abseiling over waterfalls and rocks along the gorge, you will experience the breathtaking natural surroundings from a new perspective. The crystal-clear water takes you through a world of adventure. Canyoning in the Zillertal - an unforgettable challenge for anyone looking for something special.

Experience summer in Zillertal in a whole new way - with exciting adventures in rafting, tubing and canyoning. Pack your whitewater equipment and embark on the adventure of a lifetime!